Build your brand

from the inside out


What we do

We build brands from the inside out by providing a 360-degree communications solution - enabling brands to create meaningful conversations, proven to increase engagement and productivity.

Established in 1998, we are a 31% black women owned internal communications agency.

We are a specialist agency that has a deep understanding of internal communications and provides solutions across the entire employee experience.

Through creative intelligence, we help you:
  • Develop internal communication, change and employee experience strategies that deliver on your business strategy.
  • Create effective internal communication campaigns that connect your organisation with your employees.
  • Measure the impact of your internal communication and employee engagement efforts.



Free Consultations

A 1 hour consultation to discuss your internal communication challenges. We will follow this up with a proposal to suit your business needs.

At no cost to you.

Experienced Team

Expect a team of strategists who craft smart ideas and plans, a team of creatives who translate clever ideas into beautiful and effective campaigns with lasting value and a team of project managers who make sure the ideas and creative are meticulously implemented on time and within budget.

Creative Solutions

From strategy, to creative, to implementation, to measurement. We have a solution to solve your internal communication challenge. While we like to get to know you, so that we can add maximum value, we have a range of internal communications products to suit your ad hoc needs.

Employee Publications

Capture their imagination. Hold their attention.

Have you added an ezine to your internal communications mix?

Contact icandi CQ for a free consultation and insights on how an ezine can boost employee engagement in your business.

Free Consultation


How We Do It

Internal communications is about connectedness.
  • Connecting your corporate narrative to your employees
  • Connecting your message through the right internal communication channels
  • Connecting all your employee experience touchpoints
CQ solutions to connect your brand to your employees
  • Employer branding
  • Graduate recruitment campaigns
  • Employee engagement programmes
  • Culture and values programmes
  • Change communication
  • Leadership communication
  • Brand internalisation
  • Internal communication channels
  • Internal communication campaigns
  • Employee events, roadshows and conferences
CQ solutions to enhance your internal communications mix
  • Employee Games
  • Employee App
  • Intranet
  • Employee Newsletters
  • Explainer Videos
CQ solutions that measure impact
  • Communication audits
  • Employee engagement surveys
  • Culture checks
  • Brand surveys

And because we build brands from the inside out, we can also add creative intelligence to your customer experience too - from annual reports, brand building, CVP development and customer engagement programmes to corporate communication, marketing collateral, events and customer research.



About Us

Creative Intelligence

What do we mean by creative intelligence (CQ)?

Our goal is to add Creative Intelligence to everything we do by always asking ourselves:

  1. Are we thinking without boundaries? [ A + B + C]
  2. Are we challenging ourselves and you, our clients?
  3. Is the solution purposeful?
  4. Are we simplifying the complicated?
  5. Can we say, 'I never thought about it that way?'

This is the difference we add.

  • Get your employee game face on
    The average 21-year-old has spent 2,000 to 3,000 hours reading books and more than three times that playing video games. That makes the average Millennial very close to being a gaming expert! So, why should this matter? […]
  • Engage your stakeholders with annual reports
    ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’. The key to good annual reports is in the planning. With icandi CQ as your partner, you are guaranteed a well-planned annual report that is successfully implemented every time. […]
  • Making headlines with employee publications
    Are employee magazines, newsletters and publications still relevant? In our experience, yes! They provide a great channel for communicators. […]