Engaging frontline employees

Look after your frontline staff. They’re your customers’ first point of contact.

Frontline staff are often the first point of contact for your customers, which means engaging these employees is key to ensuring a good brand experience.

They bring your brand to life in a way that no ad campaign ever could.

Your employees either affirm your brand promise. Or they expose it as inauthentic and your customers stop trusting you.

Suited for service at Edcon

We helped Edcon engage their frontline staff by developing a communication campaign to improve service and drive good employee behaviour among permanent and temporary staff across Edgars stores in South Africa.

The result

The campaign took place over a period of six months and 5 000 employees were communicated to and underwent training, with a significant increase in service levels across these stores.

Following the pilot, the programme continues to be implemented and managed internally by Group HR.

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