Making sense of millennial marketing

These digital natives still want the human touch.

Millennial employees want to be involved. They crave being part of the conversation.

Although you might peg them as glued to their screens, millennials actually care deeply about real-world interaction.

Marketing to millennial employees effectively

  1. Ensure they’re connected to their leaders through face-to-face interaction.
  2. Create memorable experiences for them, just like those you create for your consumers.
  3. Once you get millennials engaged, they drive advocacy and ambassadorship personally.

How we did this at Investec

In 2016, Investec externally launched the #MoreThanData campaign to their employees. Our job: Show employees that Investec knows that their clients and employees are more than a salary bracket or age group. They are individuals. They are #MoreThanData.

Our solution

The Channel Live, a pop-up streaming radio station

To launch the campaign to employees, we took to the most engaging medium Ð radio Ð building a series of events to start the conversation about #MoreThanData.

This included:

  • a mobile radio station, The Channel Live, which travelled to nationwide offices for two weeks
  • inviting employees to attend the daily show and join the live audience, or join virtually by live streaming from their desks.
  • interviewing over 50 guests, including industry leaders, influencers and the creatives behind the campaign.

The result:

  • Whether they attended or streamed in, employees realised they were #MorethanData.
  • Data shows we achieved our objectives and more.
  • The impact of the campaign was recognised at the Loeries where it was nominated as a finalist in 2017.
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