Managers are your most important communication channel

Managers are your most important communication channel

Never underestimate the influence of middle management

Middle managers directly impact staff engagement. An effective middle manager is one of your most important channels, because they:

  • drive engagement
  • influence their team’s perception of your brand
  • cascade communications downwards.

It’s critical to ensure your middle managers are trained to be better communicators.

How we did this at Nedbank

Following feedback from a staff survey at Nedbank Retail, our job was to develop a solution to improve middle management communication skills.

We ran a two-day workshop customised to address Nedbank’s challenges, culture and communication environment.

The goal was for managers to communicate with their staff in that

  • promoted more engagement with their and Nedbank
  • enabled higher levels of performance, client satisfaction and retention.

The result

Within months of completing the training, overall feedback from the 75 workshop participants’ employees indicated that line manager communication had improved – directly contributing to engagement scores within the bank.

Based on the post workshop feedback, training was well received, and participants commented positively on the experience-based, interactive approach to the learning, indicating they had learnt a lot more than they expected from a ‘communication course’ – the feedback being that the learnings will help them do their jobs better.


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