In loving memory of Louis and Hermien Coetzer

“Return to your rest, my soul, for the Lord has been good to you” Psalm 116v7


The extensive collection being released by Creative Rides, from their Bryanston showroom, is part of the lifetime collection from the late Louis Coetzer, an avid, knowledgeable and highly respected collector of classic and muscle cars.

Mr. Coetzer fell in love with automobilia in his primary school years, first collecting hubcaps from salvage and scrap yards, and then he started collecting Dinky Toy Cars and finally the real thing. He was a leading light amongst car connoisseurs, a Concours de Elegance national judge and a former Chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Club in the Central Region.

He and his wife, Hermien were real stalwarts of the Mercedes brand, and for some years they both handled the membership duties of the Club with diligence and great fervor.


Many marques and models, from the 1950’s onwards, join the Mercedes in this rare auction.

In honour, and in lasting memory of Mr. Coetzer’s unique contribution to the collection and preservation of these classic and muscle cars each vehicle is assigned an individual certificate and plaque, a certificate which attests to the vehicles provenance, as being from The Louis Coetzer’s Collection.

Kevin Derrick, CEO of Creative Rides’ remarked, “ Everyone who is the next ‘Keeper’ of the car is clearly the custodian of a piece of motoring passion, foresight and history. Made possible by a remarkable man.”