Lot Number: 0054

  • Model: CHEVROLET
  • Year: 1982
  • Details: EL CAMINO SS
  • Transmission: Automatic

Details of Item


The 1978 through 1987 El Caminos were produced in four trim levels: Classic, Black Knight, Royal Knight, Conquista and Super Sport, and shared chassis components with the Chevrolet Malibu.

The 1982 - through to the final 1987 - El Camino sported a new frontal appearance with a crosshatch grille flanked by quad rectangular headlights.

The El Camino may not have been the first “coupe utility” offered to consumers, but is definitely the most recognisable and sought after.

More details:

  • Condition: Good
    • The interior is good
    • The paint is good
    • This car runs well
    • Over all this car is in good condition
    • Needs a general service
  • Milage: 46 000 Miles indicated
  • Engine: 350 Cubic Inch V8
  • Exterior colour: : White and blue
  • Interior colour: Blue
  • Wheels: Alloys
  • Interior colour: Blue