Lot Number: 0037

  • Year: 2007
  • Details: LUMINA SS
  • Transmission: Automatic

Details of Item


The Lumina Bakkie is fast becoming a collectible piece as it was one of the last to have a thumping naturally aspirated V8, while having the versatility of a bakkie. It has grown in value since its discontinuation and now achieves almost the same price as when it was new. Finding a clean example however is quite a task. This particular car is in excellent condition. It is one to add to the list of cars to have in your collection - and without any doubt, will continue to climb in value.

More details:

  • Condition: Excellent - This car is good all round
  • Milage: 90 000km
  • Engine: 6L V8
  • Exterior colour: Red
  • Interior colour: Black leather
  • Wheels: 20 inch
  • Interior colour: Good