Lot Number: 0106

  • Model: CHEVROLET
  • Year: 1972
  • Details: Kingswood Estate Wagon
  • Transmission: Automatic

Details of Item


Here is one of the best early 70s station wagons in existence. This show-stopping 1972 Chevrolet Kingswood Estate Wagon is in superb - almost original condition.

Few true station wagons remain on the roads today, but the imprint of their design influence is everywhere.

True to its name, "disappearing" tailgate, this 1972 Kingswood comes with unique features; one being the Glide-away tailgate — known as the "disappearing" tailgate, because when open, the tailgate is completely out of view.

More details:

  • Condition:
    • The interior is good
    • The paint is good
    • This car runs well
    • Over all this car is in good condition
    • Needs a general service
  • Milage: 60252 Miles indicated
  • Engine: 350 Cu Inch V8
  • Exterior colour: Grey and red
  • Interior colour: Tan and brown
  • Wheels: 15 Inch alloys
  • Interior colour: Good