Lot Number: 0078

  • Model: CHEVROLET
  • Year: 1958
  • Details: BISCAYNE
  • Transmission: : 3 speed manual

Details of Item


Biscaynes were produced primarily for the fleet market, though they were also available to the general public - particularly to those who wanted low-cost, transportation with the convenience of a full-size automobile. While most Biscaynes were sold with a six-cylinder engine in the late 1960s, the V8 engine became the more popular powerplant.

Many of the luxury convenience options available on the more expensive full-sized Chevrolet models, such as power windows, were not available on the Biscayne. However, customers could purchase a Biscayne with any of Chevrolet's high-output big-block V8 engines and performance-oriented transmissions.

More details:

  • Condition:
    • It is a clean car all round
    • Interior is fair but original
    • Needs a general service
  • Milage: 33 000 Miles indicated
  • Engine: 283 cu in (4.6 L) V8
  • Exterior colour: White and blue
  • Interior colour: Blue and grey
  • Wheels: 15 inch chrome steel wheels
  • Interior colour: Good