Creative Internal Communication Campaigns


Putting together creative internal communication campaigns means getting both your message and
its delivery right. You may develop a great hard-hitting campaign, but if you don’t understand how
and where your audience consumes content, no one will be around to see it. A good communicator
asks the right questions, understands the audience, and can land the message effectively.

Some of our favourite creative internal communication campaigns

Thomas Reuters brought innovation back

When Thomas Reuters realised that “innovation” had become an overused internal watchword, they
needed a way to reignite employee excitement for the business potential of innovative thinking.
They decided they would leverage off an internal “intrapreneurs” programme that offered up to
$100 000 in seed funding for ideas that showed traction and a strong business case. First, managers
were asked to build innovation thinking in their staff. Second, all message hierarchies were
flattened: employees could tell the business what they wanted to learn about, rather than being told
what to do.

Thomas Reuters created a three-pronged campaign around:

  • Cultivating innovation – sharing global success stories, generate internal conference to
    understand some innovation entry points, and having managers nominate innovation
  • Collaborating for innovation – employees proposed their own workshops and set up boot
    camps to share their knowledge with their colleagues.
  • Creating disruption – addressing innovation challenges across the business.

Rallying around #dare2disrupt, the campaign was also supported by regular team lunches and
inspiration walls. As a result, innovation returned to life at Thomas Reuters with big upturns in the
number of innovation project requests around the world. Here we see that creative internal
communication campaigns are also effective campaigns.

Tata took human resources further

Tata Consulting Service (TCS) employees 380 000 people worldwide and is recognised as one of the
UK’s top employers. With so many employees scattered around the world, how could they monitor
employee sentiment regularly and create a culture where employees felt listened to and supported
by human resources and management?

Easy: they created their own social platform. Called Knome, the platform allows users to create
community pages that encourage a “speak up” culture, which means that instead of conducting
annual surveys, TCS can use Knome to understand what employees are thinking, feeling and doing at
any moment in time.

To further support employees, TCS also created Octo, a chatbot that uses contextual data to answer
more routine questions like how many leaves days an employee has left. Finally, as a form of
automated mentorship match up, TCS created Milo a chatbot designed to connect employees with
mentors at key points in their career to further their development.

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Here’s how icandi CQ approach their creative internal communication campaigns:

Investec says you’re #MoreThanData

When Investec Private Bank launched its #MoreThanData marketing campaign – which conveyed
to customers that “you are more than the sum of your data, we see you as an individual" – they
needed a way to land the message internally. Unlike the TCS example, which used staff data points
to automate certain HR functions, #MoreThanData had to be personal.

So, icandi CQ decided to start a conversation. Literally. On the radio.

Our pop-up radio station travelled across the country, supported by social media teasers and
featured industry leaders as radio guests that staff might not ordinarily have met. Radio content
spoke to unpacking the role of data in banking, business and society, and encouraged employees to
think about how Investec’s service-oriented culture helps them deliver on the promise of
#MoreThanData. All radio content was preserved as a series of downloadable podcasts and
reinforced through a dedicated microsite.

Our internal campaign reached 4 000 Private Banking staff across five regions, generating awareness
and encouraging employees to share the #MoreThanData message to their social networks.
Our work ended up being the only internal communication campaign shortlisted as a finalist at the
Loeries in 2017.

Take a look.

Taking cybercrime seriously at Nedbank

To educate Nedbank staff about the seriousness of cybercrime and how they could help prevent it,
we made education a game. By creating an online, interactive game called CYBERSAFE, we enabled
“learning by accident”, where people retain information by letting it sink in subliminally. CYBERSAFE
was designed to test staff knowledge of cybercrime and educate them on how to combat it. To
support the game, we also employed guerrilla marketing tactics like placing life-like digital devices
(like mobile phones and tablets) in high traffic zones.

This case study explains how the game and the supporting campaign worked.

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