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Internal communication does not have to be boring or one dimensional. In fact, creative internal communication ideas are essential to realising all the performance and profit benefits that a well-honed strategy can offer. But your message and your delivery must be on point. The goal is to promote higher rates of employee engagement and information uptake in a way that’s measurable and supports your business strategy. Creative internal communication ideas help you achieve this.

When you begin deciding on your choice of channels and tactics, keep your audience top of mind. What works for the Millennial employee may not work for the Baby Boomer. That’s why both targeted and multi-level approaches are the most effective way to appeal to all your staff.  To help you find creative internal communication ideas, we’ve compiled a few examples from our recent work in the financial services industry. Bear in mind, these ideas were conceptualised after understanding the unique needs of the business.

Five creative internal communications ideas

1. Embrace “Guerrilla” tactics
To land a message effectively, consider introducing novelty and surprise. Disruption is especially effective because it grabs attention and/or speculation. It draws people in, in surprising and memorable ways. For example, when icandi CQ was tasked with educating Nedbank staff about cybersecurity and their role in preventing cyber fraud, one of our communication tactics involved placing life-like digital devices like mobile phones in high traffic zones. The idea was to attract passers-by and generate chatter within the business about how easily digital information is left open to fraud. Creative internal communication ideas, of course, need more substance than just guerrilla tactics, but they can help you land a message when they support your other strategic channels.

2. Creative internal communications ideas can be fun
Consider making your creative internal communications ideas a game. Drawing again on our cybersecurity campaign for Nedbank, we created an interactive online game that encouraged Nedbank staff to compete with each other to earn prizes. The game was designed to test their cybercrime savvy and educate them on combatting cybercrime tactics. Gamification enables “learning by accident”, which helps people retain information by letting it sink in subliminally. People don’t realise they are learning until they are tested on their knowledge.

Have a look at this case study and demo of the game.

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3. Include lots of video
Video is a great way to communicate with your employees because it provides bite-sized content in a way that is entertaining and easy to consume. Millennials in particular respond much better to explainer videos than to training manuals. Make video like this example the heart of any education-based communication and watch engagement soar. You could also let employees create their own videos.

User-generated content can be highly effective if it comes from the right influencers. Tapping into these influencers and encouraging them to be brand ambassadors can help move organisational sentiment in the right direction along with other creative internal communications ideas.

4. What about Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality is steadily being made possible in consumer technology thanks to the power of modern mobile devices. Retailer giant Ikea for example lets users with compatible i-devices preview furniture in their home before they buy it from the store.

For internal communicators, Augmented Reality is especially powerful if you have a lot of information to convey. Imagine you want to tell employees about the highlights of the business’s financial performance. As part of your communications mix, which may include email, video, social intranet links, you also decide to use print by lining the corridors of your office with a series of posters. A poster is easy to ignore, because we’re flooded with them every day. But what if you turned an otherwise one-dimensional poster into an exciting digital journey by overlaying data visualisations, holographic communication and up-levelling your emotional storytelling all courtesy of an employee’s mobile phone? Just remember our three rules for effective Augmented Reality delivery:

  • Make it visual – Augmented Reality is natively visual. Instead of presenting numbers through a list of charts, you can use data videos or infographics.
  • Make it emotional – the more you immerse your audience in the experience, the deeper your communication will go.
  • Make it personal – with the right delivery, Augmented Reality lets a user focus on what interests them.

5. Redefine the workshop: IRL is still important
Workshops don’t have to be unimaginative or just an excuse to leave desks and get out of the office. Instead, they offer face to face communication in a world that’s become increasingly digital. If workshops include ice-breakers, thought starters and a bit of humour, they can be effective in sparking conversations.

Channel focus: eZines
eZines are a powerful way to communicate to your workforce because, if designed and curated correctly, they can feel just like paging through a high-class magazine. eZines contain collections of bite-sized information presented in a graphic rich format. Because they are digital, they can be updated as needed. All eZine content is adaptable, shareable and can easily interact with other, related sources of content. The most effective eZines contain a mixt of top-driven messages (from management) and user-generated content. Employees should own part of the content, ie written by and for their peers. By keeping the material relevant, shareable and ensuring it is written in the language your employees understand and can relate to, you can land any strategic message successfully.

If you need some more creative internal communications ideas, as well as strategic direction to help you achieve your business goals, get in touch with us.

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