How To Improve Internal Communications To Create Real Impact

Internal Communication

You don’t need another internal communication plan, you need a strategy.

We all want fireworks in our business – something that engages the imagination inspires wonder
and makes us feel more connected to the people sharing our experience. Internal communication
is a lot like fireworks. In the right hands, it can have a focused impact. In the wrong hands, it’s a
bomb waiting to go off. So, you need to know how to handle it with care if you want to create an
internal communication plan that blows your staff away. In this article icandi CQ shares a few tips
on how to improve internal communication in your organisation.

What is internal communication?

Start by recognising that an internal communication plan is a powerful weapon of mass engagement
– one that connects employees to each other and the business and drives engagement, both
internally and externally. It’s about creating a measured impact that delivers a consistent chain
reaction: better internal communication equals engaged employees equals better customer

Here’s how to improve internal communication in your company:

An impactful internal communication plan will always:

  • Align the physical, technical and cultural dimensions of a business to create an integrated
    employee experience.
  • Enable conversation, not spam.
  • Connect your corporate narrative and message to your employees through the right internal
  • Unite teams and break through silos to deliver one seamless experience.

As the specialists in adding Creative Intelligence (CQ) to internal communication and employee
engagement solutions, icandi CQ understands the importance of building brands from the inside out.
We know how to improve internal communication in a way that has impact, both internally and

icandi CQ suggests 7 ways on how to improve internal communication and add instant impact to your internal communication plan:

1. Ask yourself…

  • What are my employees saying? Do they have a sense of shared purpose? Do they
    understand the company’s brand and their role in it?
  • How are my employees feeling? Do they feel supported by the right tools to deliver on the
    brand ethos externally?
  • How are my employees behaving? Are they acting as brand ambassadors and advocates?

Are you building your brand from the inside out by leveraging the power of effective communication?

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internal communications

2. How to improve internal communication by upgrading that internal communication plan into a

Businesses talk a lot about internal communication plans and tactics and not enough about internal
strategies. Strategies have a clear vision; know how to improve internal communication by aligning
goals in order to achieve that vision; employ resources into focused research and insight; and create
actions that can be measured against their set objectives. Here icandi CQ recommends starting with
mapping the current state of internal communication against the desired state.

3. How to improve internal communication by treating employees like clients (employees are at
the heart of how to improve internal communication)

How you see your employees is how you treat them. Are you viewing, measuring and approaching
your employees as if they were clients you would want to attract, engage and retain? You should.
Make sure your methods match your intentions. For example, icandi CQ delivers engaged impact

Audience segmentation – we ensure the right message is delivered by the right messenger
to the right group of employees.

Measurement – we measure outcomes and impact not output.

Phased approach – we adopt a strategy that takes employees through a phased-behavioural
change model:

  • Phase 1: Awareness (engage the MIND: rational, analytical, logic.)
  • Phase 2: Buy-in (engage the HEART: emotional, feelings, values)
  • Phase 3: Drive behaviour change (engage the HAND: behaviour, action,

4. How to improve internal communication by creating “I” experiences

Immersive. Interactive. Involved. If these “Is” aren’t already part of your strategy, they should be.
Remember, the objective here is to engage and connect, not spam and bombard. Here, icandi CQ
recommends a combination of leveraging employee voice by creating the right mix of peer-to-peer
and leadership communication; using technology to sustain engagement; and recognising and
rewarding brand behaviours.

5. How to improve internal communications by futureproofing your communicators

What channels are you using and how? Are your communicators skilled to engage the changing
workforce through new and current communications channels? icandi CQ recommends providing
appropriate communication tools alongside training and equipping communicators with the skills,
resources and support they need to fulfil the strategic objectives.

6. How to improve internal communication by creating one seamless employee experience

When you start seeing, mapping and planning the employee experience from recruitment to
engagement, you start to build a more holistic end-to-end communication strategy that incorporates
several channels that build on each other to create one seamless employee experience. icandi CQ
recommends making sure you engage with internal communication specialists who can offer a
holistic range of choices and channels to suit your different outcomes and needs. Like clients, no two
audiences or employees are alike! For example, icandi CQ, is the internal communication and
employee experience partner for a wide range of corporate clients We understand how to improve
internal communication by offering a tailored and fit-for-purpose combination of channels for each
client according to a strategy and based on sound research and analysis. These would include a
combination of DIGITAL (intranet, eZines, eNewsletters, mailers, cellphone-based communication,
podcasts and video), PRINT (playbooks, posters, deskdrops, etc), EXPERIENTIAL (including events and

roadshows), BROADCAST (streaming staff radio, staff TV), SOCIAL (Employee Apps, ESNs like
Workplace by Facebook and Yammer) and BRANDING solutions (in-building branding).

7. Engage the experts

This is probably the most important action you can take. If you want to build an internal
a communication plan that has a lasting impact, you need to make every channel and communication
count. That means engaging with internal communication experts like icandi CQ, who know how to
bring all the elements together in one clear and seamless package which your team can implement
and your audience can engage with.

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