Inspiration worth spreading

A poem to inspire hope during COVID-19.


Now more than ever we are all united in the challenging times ahead.


As a proudly South African business, we fully support every effort made to protect our nation. Our team has been working remotely since since the call for social distancing, doing our bit in the efforts to fight COVID-19. We are committed to supporting all our clients during the coming weeks and while the icandi CQ team continues to work from home, we will all remain available via email, cellphone and video conferencing facilities like MS Teams, Zoom and Skype.


It is indeed turbulent times and as South Africans we know how to ‘vasbyt’… But when the going gets tough we can certainly all do with a bit of inspiration…


Our brilliant copywriter, Cat, wrote this thought-provoking poem which we hope in a small way lightens your day.


Let’s work together to flatten the curve.


Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika

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