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CEB Internal Communications Day 1 recap
At icandi CQ we strongly believe that to add Creative Intelligence to all that we do, we need to continuously learn. Which is why we’re at the CEB Internal Communications Summit 2017. Here are a few highlights, if you missed our tweets…


Day One of the CEB Internal Communications Summit 2017 was a day packed with information, with the focus being on corporate brand. Interestingly, a common theme was that brands are no longer being shaped, created, owned or led by marketing departments, ad agencies and the likes. From defining purpose to creating and launching a new identity, more and more brands are being created, designed and driven from the inside out.


Looking at organisations like Just, ING and Aggreko it’s clear that winning brands are not about the company, but rather its stakeholders, with the most important stakeholder being employees – who when unified will amplify the brand.

While we will be unpacking key themes and learnings in more depth after the conference, here are a few points that were shared during the day:

  • “While values sound good in the corporate world, to your average stakeholder it sounds like blah-blah…To drive brand connection and ultimately stakeholder preference, communicators must orient their corporate brand to the personal benefits stakeholders GET by associating with you” ~ Rick DeLisi, CEB on Winning Preference through Corporate Brand
  • “It’s no longer what you buy, but what you buy into” ~ Nannes Bos, ING on Brand Transformation in a disruptive age
  • “Create a fit with your own culture instead of copying. The Google approach is right for Google. You need to create an empowering workplace that fits your culture.” ~ Nannes Bos, ING on Brand Transformation in a disruptive age
  • “Dig for gold dust – authentic stories told by employees that will help you create your brand identity and brand behaviours” ~ ChangeMaker, Jenny Burns, JUST on their merger and subsequent rebrand.
  • “Your brand promise is a movement, a cause, a way of being. NOT a code of conduct” ~ Jerry Starling, INVOLVE on People keeping your brand promise
  • “Behaviour is determined by belief. Beliefs are formed by experience.” ~ Emma Flack, AGGREKO on Building and launching a corporate brand together


And some thoughts on the future of internal communications, from a panel of experts featuring Ezri Carlebach, Sheila Parry, Mike Klein and Dorian Cundick:
The future of internal communications will be determined by the needs of future employees (and we’re not talking millennials only).
Does engagement drive performance or does performance drive engagement? The answer, it’s all about impact.
We need to stop looking at employees as an audience, but rather as main players.
As communicators, we need to ask ourselves these five questions:
1.      Are we capitalizing on digital to drive productivity?
2.      Are we treating employees like customers we want to keep?
3.      Are we allowing for a world outside of corporate channels?
4.      Are we shifting to an enabling mindset?
5.      Do you and your team have the right skills to thrive?


If you would like to know more about specific case studies or topics, drop us a line and we can chat after the conference.
In the meantime, watch this space and follow us on Twitter for more.

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