Melcrum 2014: day 2

In an ever changing world, we must have the courage to transform as individuals, as communicators.
As much as we facilitate content curation, human beings are the authors of their own lives. Social media is challenging our boundaries, shaping communication along the way. The rise of social and digital media gives individuals the opportunity to hold government and organisations accountable. The interconnected nature of our modern world gives rise to increasingly collaborative organisations and organisations where radicle innovation sees employees reaching out to innovation, wherever that might be.
There is no doubt, that technology and the proliferation of social media platforms that can be leveraged by organisations internally and externally, are helping people connect in a meaningful way.
So what does this mean for internal communication? How do we leverage communication platforms and communication and use them as a driver of the virtuous circle of learning?
We need to leverage the opportunities provided by social media mechanisms such as Yammer that provide insight into what people are speaking about in the company. We need to use these tools to seek out experts, opportunities and risks in a manner that is still interesting and compelling.
As much as the fundamentals of communication don’t change, regardless of what comes along, we need to have the agility built in, to change in the direction that the conversation requires. They key is to not over prescribe the task and to empower employees as communication commentators. We all have influence, and striving to maximise this influence is much more productive than insisting on being in control.

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