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CEB Internal Communications Day 2 recap
When you’re conferencing around the corner from the Tate Modern, no doubt creativity and inspiration will be in the air. Which is exactly what Day Two of the CEB Internal Communications Summit 2017 was – a day filled with creative and inspirational stories and opinions on everything ranging from strategy conversations with employees and influencing the employee experience through digital to change communication and creative campaigns that in their simplicity had great impact.


While we will be unpacking key themes and learnings in more depth, here are a few interesting comments that were shared during the day:
“Don’t assume people think about a question in the same way you do – sometimes it’s personal” ~ Neil Campbell, HSBC on how you need to sometimes dig a bit deeper into the data when surveying staff.
“Do less with more focus” ~ Paul Thomas, THOMSON REUTERS on their annual ‘Connect Day’ where every Thomson Reuter employee from across the globe focuses on the organisation’s strategy.
“When you need external help, get it.” ~ Claudia Boies, CAE on consulting with an agency before starting their change journey.
“Good IC requires high levels of empathy, which as a communicator means being curious, finding common ground, immersing yourself in employees’ shoes, really listening and being vulnerable and leaning into your imagination.” ~Kristie Stegen, NIELSEN on their approach to IC globally.


And then personal favourites were case studies of a few highly impactful campaigns…
Winter Wonderland was a strategy roadshow that MyCSP embarked on with great success – who knew “Christmas jumpers”, “Mariah Carey” and “improving strategy understanding” could be in one sentence, never mind form part of one event! And then an interactive video storytelling campaign, titled Who is Sam? that helped improve safety at E.On got everyone in the room talking (clue: I am Sam, you are Sam).


Finally, here is a one page summary of the views of everyone who attended the Summit. These were in answer to IC questions that were posed during an interactive polling and survey session conducted live at the Summit by CEB.


If you would like to know more about specific case studies or topics, drop us a line and we can chat further.

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