The Importance of Impactful Internal Communication

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If you’re asking yourself, “why is internal communication important?”, it is probably because your company’s internal and external channel focus is misaligned. Many companies make the mistake of putting all their marketing efforts and budget into their external communications (public relations, advertising, and social media engagement) without giving enough attention to their internal audiences. As the shape of the workplace changes, it’s becoming increasingly important to treat employees with as much care and attention (if not more) than your customers. If you don’t, you may lose them to your competitors. 

Why is internal communication important?

Because your staff are stakeholders too

Imagine if your company stopped communicating with its clients. Even if you kept your operations running, it is fair to say that without a steady stream of communication staples like shareholder reports, acquisition and retention marketing strategies, and regular client engagement, your brand presence (and market share) would erode. In the same way, if you don’t engage your employees with rich, authentic and engaging content, delivered through relevant channels, you risk creating a workforce for whom a job is just an income. 

Technology may have enabled the exciting world of always-on communication, but it’s also raised expectations of how responsive brands should be. These expectations are shared by your customers and your employees. By showing your employees that they are valuable and important co-contributors to your business, you create a productive and high-performance team.

Internal communication increases productivity and profitability

Even at work, the attention of your employees is being disrupted by many different channels. Engaging them spurs them to action. Well executed, internal communication makes employees more productive and committed to their jobs. The number proves this: 

  • Motivating employees through effective internal communications to help achieve strategic vision increases productivity (by 21%) and profitability (by 22%).
  • Companies with highly effective internal communication practices have 47% higher total returns to shareholders over five years compared to those with less effective internal communication.
  • The most successful companies actively build a culture, supported by impactful internal communications to support and drive behaviours aligned with their business strategy.

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Internal communication breaks down silos, enhances collaboration and creates commitment

Internal communication brings different departments together to solve organisational challenges. More than that, it also binds employees to the business. By showing employees that they are valuable, listened to, and respected, you cement their commitment to the company. Enhance that commitment even further with good internal communication branding. More than just an email or instant message, smart internal communication branding is about adding professionalism to every interaction with employees. Well-branded print and digital communication sends a message of importance. Your employee thinks, “I matter enough for my company to produce beautiful content”. Make every event an opportunity to create a milestone experience with content that’s immersive, emotional, motivating and memorable. 

Partner with a specialist in internal communications

We can show you the benefits of impactful communication

Building an effective internal communication plan with lasting impact, one where every channel and every piece of communication counts, is best done with a specialist in internal strategy and execution. We can answer the question, “why is internal communication important?” by showing you all the benefits of communication audits, thought starters, strategies, tactics, channels and execution delivered in one seamless package. 

Brand leaders around the world choose internal communication agencies as they realise that the employee audience is not a focus area for general agencies. Partnering with a specialist like Icandi CQ means you get: 

  • an independent partner to improve and optimise your internal communication, to support an internal resource who may be too immersed in your organisational culture to recognise and correct any blind spots in the communication chain;
  • a benchmarking resource who can compare your tool and tactics against your peers and advise on best practice, including internal-specific measures and metrics; and
  • an agency singularly focused on one audience: your employee. 

Choose Icandi CQ for as your internal communication partner

  • We have a long and celebrated track record of delivering internal communication that delivers business results. With over 20 years’ experience in the business, we have streamlined both our performance skills and business agility in supporting you.
  • Employees love working with Icandi CQ because we look out for their interests; and businesses love us because we enable and effect positive change that boosts effectiveness, productivity and profits. 
  • We offer a full, 360-degree communications offering. That means we can meet all your internal communication needs under one roof. This includes strategy, creative outworking, implementation and measurement. 

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