What We Do

We build brands from the inside out by providing a 360-degree communications solution - enabling brands to create meaningful conversations, proven to increase engagement and productivity. Established in 1998, we are a 31% black women owned strategic brand development and internal communications agency. We are a specialist agency that has a deep understanding of internal communications and how to effectively connect all your stakeholders to your brand – providing solutions across the entire employee and customer experience.

Through creative intelligence, we help you:


Develop brand, internal communication, change and employee and customer experience strategies that deliver on your business strategy.


Create effective internal communication campaigns, staff events, sales and service programmes, brand identities and corporate communication and B2B marketing solutions that connect your organisation with your employees, customers and shareholders.


Measure the impact of your internal communication and employee and customer engagement efforts.


We help you set up an inhouse agency teams, gear them up and fully equip them through training, tools and strategic consultation.


Save on your communication and marketing spend. We help you set up a Centre of Excellence, train and upskill communicators, provide tools for your inhouse teams to develop campaigns and provide solutions to minimise duplication and reduce communication waste.


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